iPad challenge

The unique tablet challenge with considerable room for your own ideas.

With our iPad challenge you and your staff become real treasure hunters and point chasers. A racy team event and an exciting competition with plenty of adrenalin, strategy and teamwork awaits you.

Event procedure

  • Meet at the agreed starting point
  • Welcome and separation into groups
  • Presentation of game and equipment check
  • 1,5-3 hour, exciting team event
  • Arrival at the agreed destination point
  • Evaluation and close (awards ceremony)

Our Services

  • one iPad per team
  • Guides
  • Event planning
  • On-site project manager
  • Evaluation page with photos & videos & Videos
  • 3 individual stations

iPad challenge as a team event

Several groups (5-7 people) play against each other for points in this exciting team event. The aim of the team event is to reach the various tasks and to solve them correctly. The groups are set questions and team tasks that can only be solved at the location.

Photographing, filming videos, scanning codes, finding treasure chests or solving complex puzzles – there are points for every task. The groups are free to choose their strategy and route during the entire session. During this time they are constantly able to observe the position of the others and communicate with one another via chat. The interactive city challenge therefore becomes a communicative team event with a great deal of fun and activity.

The iChallenge can be played virtually anywhere in the world and can be perfectly customised to meet your needs and requirements. For example, you are able to integrate questions from the company and special products into the challenge. We are also able to develop additional, active team stations for you, if necessary. This therefore lends a rather personal touch to your tablet challenge in terms of content.

iPad challenge procedure

Your tablet challenge starts at the required time, at any location of your choice. That can be the company’s offices, a location or a public place, for example. After a brief welcome and separating your employees into groups, the rules and functions of the iPad challenge are explained and your team event can start. Once underway, the groups go hunting for points at exciting places and attractive locations.

All groups meet at the set destination at an agreed time. Following a brief evaluation by our staff the winning team is team is decided. The closing highlight is the celebratory award ceremony. Also with prizes on request.

Information about the iPad challenge

  • up to 1000 people
  • from €49 per person
  • 2 to 3 hours play time
  • possible in many languages
  • an outdoor event
  • +4940 | 3289073 11

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