Crime challenge

It is about team work, fun & excitement.

Who? If? Where and why? Investigate a dramatic criminal case as agents at this exciting team event. You´ll be giving yourself the privilege of delving into the world of criminologists as a special unit on your business outing.

Event procedure

  • Meet at the agreed starting point
  • Welcome and separation into groups
  • Presentation of game and equipment check
  • 2 – 3 hour, exciting team event
  • App with Team-Chat

Our services

  • one iPad per team
  • Inspector & Suspect
  • Event planning
  • On-site project manager
  • Evaluation page with photos & videos

Crime challenge as a team event

12.00 local time. A shot is heard in the vicinity of a bank branch. A suspect flees with a bag full of money. The local police meets shortly afterwards under the leadership of our detective superintendent and starts to collect evidence. And yet, some how, the forensics colleagues have overlooked several very important details. The help of your special commando is now required.

In our crime challenge, you slip into the role of an investigative team at your company event and search for important clues that could help to solve the case, equipped with navigation and criminal technology at shady locations. Important clues come to light in the process. Who is the culprit? What was their motive and where are they now?

A high-calibre, nail-biting team event, which is about good team work and communication above all else. As only if you interpret all clues and evidence correctly, will you be successful in the raid and save your team event.

So, are you ready? Miss Marple, Inspector Clouseau, Sherlock Holmes, The Three ??, 007 and eternally investigating Kottan. Be part of it. At a GEO°BOUND crime challenge as a company outing.

Information about the Crime challenge

  • up to 70 people
  • from €69 per person
  • 2 to 3 hours play time
  • possible in German and English
  • an outdoor event
  • +4940 | 3289073 11

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