GPS city challenge

A reasonably priced team event with a ton of fun.
For small and large groups of any age.

Explore the city of your choice in a modern way and become the puzzle masters of our GPS city challenge. We combine team work, activity and knowledge to create a great company event.

Event procedure

  • Meet at the agreed starting point
  • Welcome and separation into groups
  • Presentation of game and equipment check
  • 1,5 – 3 hour, exciting team event
  • Arrival at the agreed destination point
  • Evaluation and award ceremony

Our services

  • one GPS device per team
  • Guides
  • Event planning
  • On-site project manager

GPS city challenge as a team event

Tricky questions at weird and wonderful locations make our GPS city challenge a stimulating event that combines activity, excitement & knowledge! With strategy and fun, you guide your team using a GPS device to our selected QUIZZ locations and look for a solution to the puzzle on the spot.

Be on your toes – the other teams are already collecting valuable points. At the end, it will become all too clear which team has earned the title ‘Puzzle Master’. This city challenge combines fun with puzzles with a little dose of competition.

Teams of equal size play against each other and within a set time.
Equipped with a GPS device, road book and location plan they comb the city, just as with geocaching for valuable questions, puzzles and tasks. Special missions from the broadest of areas must also be solved. Team spirit, a good strategy and the concentrated attention of every single employee are required. The ultimate team goal of each team is to avoid backtracking and to be faster than the other team. At the end of the set play time, all of the teams meet at the agreed final location. The points from the city tour are now evaluated. The team event is then capped off with a presentation ceremony.

We are able to design the conclusion to your challenge according to your needs. We are happy to finish the tour at a restaurant or a location of your choice, or organise a lunch or dinner for you.

Information about the GPS City Challenge

  • up to 1000 people
  • from €39 per person
  • 1,5 to 3 hours play time
  • possible in German and English
  • an outdoor event
  • +4940 | 3289073 11

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