GPS geocaching

Go cross country in search of treasure or paper chase in the great city jungle.

Geocaching is now on everyone’s lips and has long since been more than just the private leisure activity for the family outing at the weekend.

Event procedure

  • Meet at the agreed starting point
  • Welcome and separation into groups
  • Presentation of game and equipment check
  • 2 – 3 hour, exciting team event
  • Arrival at the agreed destination point
  • Evaluation and award ceremony

Our services

  • one GPS device per team
  • Guides
  • Event planning
  • On-site project manager

GPS geocaching

With our geocaching team event we combine the modern paper chase by GPS with a good dose of action and competition.

Separated into several groups (5-8 people per team), you search for hidden treasures, so-called ‘caches’, in urban or rural surroundings. As a team, you comb the playing field using a GPS device from one of the nearest coordinates and agree the next strategic steps. Each cache that is found increases the number of points for your team, as this is what this team event is all about. The caches and tasks are varied and require every participant in the group to use their skills. Additional team tasks enhance the fun with geocaching and communication in the group and ensure greater team spirit. The navigation device will certainly lead you through the most beautiful locations. Your team event therefore becomes a special kind of city discovery with considerable fun, activity and tricky challenges. At the end of the planned play time all the groups meet at the agreed location for the award ceremony. You now see who has played fair and selected the right mix of strategy and team work.

Information about the GPS geocaching

  • up to 1000 people
  • from €49 per person
  • 1,5 to 3 hours play time
  • possible in German and English
  • an outdoor event
  • +4940 | 3289073 11

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