Indoor challenge

Our original indoor challenges will provide you with everything. Just not cold feet.

An exciting tour of discovery through a location of your choice. Whether a hotel, museum, exhibition or under cover. We have our adventurous team events all wrapped up for you.

Event procedure

  • Meet at the agreed starting point
  • Welcome and separation into groups
  • Presentation of game and equipment check
  • 1,5 – 3 hours exciting team event
  • Evaluation and award ceremony

Our services

  • one iPad per team
  • Guides
  • Event management
  • on-site project manager
  • Evaluation page with photos & videos
  • incl. entrance fee for the museum

Indoor challenge as a team event

For our indoor challenge, our focus is clearly on the comfort of all our participants because at unpleasant times of the year, in particular, fun at a team event should not be halted by poor weather.

As with most of our challenges, the QR°Challenge is a tough competition for points, in which several groups (5-7 people per team) play against one another. The players get to the hidden codes using a location plan, equipped with an iPad and our specially developed indoor App. Each of these conceals an exciting question or team task, and the person who solves it is bombarded with points.

Additional special missions make for exciting interaction within the team and promote the team spirit. In the end, it is the best strategy, a good overview, a trained eye and a knack for solving puzzles that will make the difference between victory and defeat.
The day is then capped off, of course, with a small presentation ceremony, where your company event’s winning team is duly honoured.

As with all GEO°BOUND events the QR°Challenge can be designed to your requirements and refined to include your own questions and tasks.
This team event can be booked in any conceivable indoor location that offers sufficient space and accessible areas for the required number of participants. We are happy to advise you on the search for a suitable venue for your individual indoor challenge. We already have solid partnerships with large museums in Hamburg and Berlin. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Information about the indoor challenge

  • up to 250 people
  • from €59 per person
  • 1,5 to 3 hours play time
  • possible in German and English
  • an indoor event
  • +4940 | 3289073 11

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