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Jul 06



Put your team-building event in good hands!

from 65€

per person plus VAT

Who still thinks that scavenger hunts are for outdoors only?That’s right, nobody. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-fuelled, team-building event,

don’t want any nasty surprises on the day, or wish to experience a one-of-a-kind location from an entirely different vantage point, our Indoor iPad Rallies are perfect for you.


1,5 - 3 hrs. playing time

many locations all over Germany


German, English and and other languages

per person


In order to make your team-building event extra special, we’ve tailored the original concept of our iChallenge especially for the specific requirements of an indoor scavenger hunt. Equipped with iPads, your teams set off inside a location of your choosing to solve puzzling tasks, strengthening the group dynamic. Both quickness and creativity are needed to beat the competition. In order to solve the challenges, all players will need to do is scan the QR codes from the correct location, and take photos and perhaps even short videos.

Speaking of which, the locations where our Indoor iPad Rallies take place play more than just a minor role. Setting sail on windjammers and pirate ships through the Maritime Museum in Hamburg, discovering the story of Berlin from an atomic bunker, or experiencing the history of the automobile up close and personal in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart are sure to make for weeks of lively conversation in the break room!

Also, it’s no problem if you want to play at your own unique location, such as your office, a cruise ship or, yes, even outdoors, instead of our standard locations. Let your imagination run wild, and we’ll take care of the rest. One thing’s for sure: inside is the new outside!

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Take advantage of our extensive experience planning team events. Here are just a few of the reasons why you can feel right at ease when you book a GEO°BOUND event:


As professionals in the field of team events, we effortlessly combine fun and movement with team spirit and motivation.


You can always reach us, and we’re always open to your ideas and requests.


Last-minute changes are also possible as long as the quality is right.


Everything we do, we do with passion and creativity.


In addition to German and English we also offer our team events in a number of other languages.


Thanks to our extensive network, we can stage our events almost anywhere – indoors or outdoors.


You can expect absolute quality, from the initial consultation to the implementation and follow-up.


Working with well-known companies around the world, we have been organising events in Germany and abroad since 2008.


Our experience and our tried-and-tested events have even been awarded the ADAC Tourism Prize.